“Our philosophy is to do things no one else does. Be visionaries. Be sustainable. Be cognizant of our neighborhoods. Be part of the world we live in, not despite it.”

 Michael Namer, CEO, Alfa Development

Comprised of longtime residents of the downtown Manhattan area, the Alfa Development team has firsthand knowledge of the downtown experience. Always mindful of how their buildings will become part of the fabric of their community, Alfaʼs guiding principle is best articulated by the theme line: “History, architecture, and sustainability on a human scale.” With an aesthetic attuned to the unique harmonies of each neighborhood, their buildings combine architecturally contextual exteriors with the most finely appointed modern interiors.

In 2007, the company launched its commitment to sustainability with their first development of a LEED-Gold certified residential condominium in Downtown New York: 311E11 Village Green. Continuing with their 151 w 21st – Chelsea Green, 245 w 14th – Village Green West & 199 Mott Street projects, all targeted for LEED-Gold certification, the Alfa Development team has now crafted an expertise in green building and continues to follow their mission of creating more sustainable living experiences in all of their future projects.

Michael Namer

CEO – Managing Principal

Michael Namer has been developing real estate in downtown New York for the last 30 years. As the CEO and Founder of Alfa Development, Michael brings his attention to detail, construction expertise, and hands-on approach to real estate development to every project. In 2007, the company launched its commitment to sustainability with their first development of a LEED-Gold certified residential condominium in Downtown New York: 311E11 Village Green. Michael Namer and Alfa Development are now continuing with their mission to create more sustainable environments in all their upcoming projects including 151 w 21 – Chelsea Green, 199 Mott Street, 245 w. 14th – Village Green West, & The Hotel Grand Union. Michael Namer graduated from City University of New York class of ‘76 with a degree in Business Psychology and a minor in Fine Arts. He moved to Greenwich Village in 1976, where he has lived and raised his family ever since. He has been an integral part of his community by serving on the Board of the Greenwich Village Little League advocating for youth sports and lobbying for the creation of Hudson River Park and the soon-to-be-built park on Hudson and Houston Streets. He also has served on the Board of the Corlears School, the Village Temple, and Jennifer Muller: The Works. Michael is an accomplished painter and owner and founder of Gallery 151 at 132 West 18th Street, NY a local gallery that promotes emerging contemporary artist and community art projects – such as the Urban Green Initiative – that encourage the discussion of issues of sustainability in our time.

Jake Namer

Executive Vice President – Principal

Jake Namer, Principal & Executive Vice President at Alfa, focuses efforts on investment & capital management, tax planning & accounting, asset management, commercial leasing, marketing, insurance & compliance, major contract negotiations, government coordination and construction management. Prior to joining Alfa, Jake worked in the New York Commercial Real Estate Lending division of Commerce Bank and at Morgan Stanley’s Institutional Equity division. Jake holds a Master of Science in Real Estate from New York University and a Bachelor of Business Administration from University of Miami. Jake also worked with the National Auto Sport Association as a Racing Director for Time Trial competition and has competed in many forms of motorsports, most notably winning a 2015 Solo National Championship with the Sports Car Club of America.

Matthew Namer

Executive Vice President – Principal

As Executive Vice President and a Principal of Alfa Development, Matthew monitors all aspects of Alfa’s core business relating to real estate development and asset management. Matthew’s responsibilites at Alfa Development include directing contractual agreements, operational technology, financing arrangements, hiring of new personnel, property acquisition, feasibility analysis, and asset management. Having lived and worked in New York City for his entire life, Matthew maintains a focused knowledge relating to New York City zoning, city agencies, building enforcement, tax codes, neighborhood demographics, and marketing of condominiums and lodging. Over the thirteen years Matthew has worked with Alfa Development, he has taken a major role in the 311 e 11: Village Green, 151 Wooster, 151 w. 21st: Chelsea Green, 199 Mott Street, 245 w. 14th – Village Green West, 119 w. 21st Street, 200 e. 21st Street and Hotel Grand Union projects as well as other projects that are in the future pipeline for Alfa Development. Matthew also holds a great interest in philanthropy and sits on the board of organizations relating to the arts, and international educational development.

Mary Louise Perlman

Vice President of Development & Marketing

With over ten years of experience in New Yorkʼs luxury development market, Mary Louise officially joined Alfaʼs team in 2010. Formerly a Project and Sales Manager at Corcoran Sunshine Marketing Group, she has participated in the pre development, marketing, and sales of over 15 luxury residential condominiums in Manhattan since 2006 totaling sales of almost $1 billion – including 151 Wooster and 311E11: Village Green, Chelsea Green at 151 West 21st Street, Village Green West at 245 West 14th Street, 199 Mott, and 200 East 21st Street. Mary Louise oversaw the creation and implementation of the strategic design narrative, lifestyle concept, and creative direction of Alfa’s first hotel asset, HGU New York Hotel in Manhattan’s coveted Nomad District. Mary Louise also serves as the Executive Director of Gallery 151, founded by Michael Namer in 2007, developing the cultural narratives for which Alfa Development has become known. With a decade of experience working almost exclusively in the development of buildings targeting LEED Gold Certification from the USGBC, Mary Louise is proud to stand with Alfa at the forefront of sustainable development. Directing all aspects of marketing for the company, her experience, marketing savvy, and deep far-reaching cultural relationships within New York City provide Alfa Development with heightened resources to recognize and more effectively pursue development opportunities.‎ Mary Louise is also an accomplished musician who regularly composes music that is often featured on Alfa’s projects.

David Namer

Vice President of Property Management

David Namer has been part of the Alfa team since 2001. As Vice President of Property Management, David is in charge of building operations for all properties under the umbrella of Alfa Development Management LLC. Specifically, he oversees the maintenance and renovation upgrades of the rental properties. After receiving his bachelor’s degree from NYU and his New York Real Estate Sales License, he now doubles as an agent for Bond New York, handling Alfa rental exclusives. Additionally, David’s proficiency in bookkeeping and accounting, and a technical knowledge of Quickbooks, assist in managing and recording all of Alfa’s rental and sale property financials.